Academy Award winner George Gibbs has supervised the special effects for more than 40 films since 1980, creating some of the most spectacular effects in the making of motion pictures.

• Blowing off the wing of an actual US C123 transporter plane as it was landing, for the film Air America. (above image)

• A mine-car chase built full size at Elstree Studios. This sequence was made together with models produced by Industrial Light and Magic.

• A ship's propeller, specially built by engineers, which chopped up the speed boat actually driven by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The propeller weighed over 8 tons and was driven by hydraulic motors.

• The World War One army tank built for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (constructed from steel plate weighing 25 tons, to look authentic for the film).

• An oversize road roller built from steel, to squash Kevin Kline into fresh concrete for the film A Fish Called Wanda. The stunt was performed by stuntman Chris Webb, and was shot on location at London Heathrow Airport.

• Building a rope bridge across a ravine 440 feet wide and 100 feet deep, for the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, to be cut in half by Indy.


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